Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New product Introduction! Bamboosters (TM)

For all those times you wish you could have just a little more absorbency in your fitted diaper, now you can!

Bambooster (TM) Ovals are 2 layers of rayon from bamboo fleece, serged smooth side out. You can place them between the petals of your Heartland Dreams fitted (or any other fitted for that matter). If you need even more absorbency, fold in half and place directly in the wet zone for 4 layers of super thirsty fleece.

Have you ever wished there was a natural fiber option for pocket stuffers? Well, there are prefolds of course, but bamboo fabrics are so much more absorbent. Now, with these Bambooster (TM) Tri-folds, you can have it all. Two layers of rayon from bamboo fleece give 6 super thirsty layers when tri-folded. Generously sized to fit all sizes of pocket diapers, they can be folded the opposite way to fit smaller sizes. Fold lines are stitched in to assist in folding and to keep the insert from twisting and bunching after washing.

For a nap or night solution, combine a tri-fold with 1 or 2 Ovals for unbeatable protection.

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