Friday, September 18, 2009

Mountain Man Rendevous

Had a fun day. We took a field trip with the local homeschool group to the Mountain Man Rendevous--basically a reenactment of the meetups in wilder times between trappers and traders. Lots of people dressed in buckskin, tents and teepees, wood fires with coffee pots warming over them, and lots of old time crafts and activities.

There were exhibitions of fire starting with flint and steel, apple butter making (with samples), Indian beadworking, ax throwing (the kids got to take a turn with that one), shooting demonstrations with muzzle loaders, etc.

My boys loved talking knives, guns and bow and arrows with the men, and dd loved the trinkets and such around. The toddler wasn't thrilled, but she was in the mei tai most of the time and pretty happy with that.

We only found out about it last night, but I'm glad we went.

Now I need to do a little sewing, but I'm just so tired. Got to sleep at 1am last night, up at 7, and lots of walking and fresh air. Yaaawwwwn. LOL.

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